The life system was paralyzed due to heavy rains across the country, flood situation in Karachi and Hyderabad, Green Line service suspended in Karachi, air operations affected, more than 10 flights were canceled, floods in rivers and canals, water stood knee-deep on the roads. Rains of the third spell of monsoon inundated Karachi and Hyderabad divisions. The heavy rains of the previous day turned the streets of the city into drains. Qayyumabad, Landhi, Korangi, Shariah e Faisa, Karsaz Road, Stadium Road, Gharib Abas, Nagin Chowrangi, Gulshan Iqbal, Water Pump, Hussainabad, Sharafabad, Yusuf Goth, New Karachi, North Karachi, Malir and many other areas and roads. 3 feet of water accumulated. Urban life was paralyzed with the rain. Some houses and shops were flooded, some cars were damaged on the roads. Several roads were closed for traffic. The government’s claims of rainwater drainage remained stagnant. Lyari River, Malir River, Nahar Khayam, Gujjar Nala, Picture Nala, Manzoor Colony Nala were completely filled and started leaking water, due to which the nearby communities started to be affected. 3 people were killed and 4 injured due to electrocution and roof collapse. Several roads in the city were closed for traffic. Qayyumabad Korangi river has been flooded and the highway to Korangi has been completely closed.


But in all these natural calamities, there is one area of ​​Karachi which has not been affected in any way. Yes, the monsoon rains in Bahria Town Karachi this year again became a source of mercy for the residents and the pleasant weather made the environment more beautiful. While the heavy rains brought disaster and trouble to people in different areas due to poor arrangements, the residents of Bahria Town Karachi enjoyed this weather to the fullest. The 12 mini dams built in Bahria Town Karachi have been filled to their capacity with rainwater and have once again ensured responsible use of resources by collecting 167.6 million gallons of water. Bahria Town Karachi has an excellent infrastructural network and a modern drainage system capable of handling heavy monsoon rains and also important in storing rainwater instead of wasting it. Bahria Town Karachi is a world-class community surrounded by beautiful homes, buildings, parks and other amenities, surrounded by sparkling streets. The peaceful environment that Bahria Town promises to its residents has no room for boiling sewers and standing water on roads in beautiful weather like rain. Regardless of the weather, the power supply continues 24/7, so the residents of Bahria Town have no fear of power outage.

These rains have forced people to think that they should spend more of their lives in Bahria Town Karachi, a city located in the same city. It usually rains more than normal places because the area is open and still the water does not collect on the roads. The reason for this is the modern infrastructure and the excellent system of sewerage, which cannot be seen far away in old Karachi. Only one thing you should understand that sooner or later shifting to Bahria Town is the only solution to all the problems that the entire Karachi is suffering from in the rain.